Monday, August 27, 2007

TupleSoup Public Release

Tuplesoup is a small easy to use Java based framework for storing and retrieving simple hashes. If you are interested in the design and implementation choices I made, have a look at the following blog posts I made while working on the project.

Since the last post in this series, I have done some further refactoring as well as added a set of statistic counters that can be polled to look for performance issues in usage patterns. The project is far from done, but I feel that it has reached a maturity that might make it useful for other developers. We have currently been using Tuplesoup for projects in our production environment for more than 3 months now without any stability issues. That being said, use at your own risk!

Let me end this post with a little bit of source code to show you how to actually use Tuplesoup in your own code. This very short completely useless example creates a table, adds a row and retrieves the row again. Hopefully I will soon find the time to write a more detailed piece of code showing some real world usage.

import com.solidosystems.tuplesoup.core.*;

Table table=new Table("test","./");

Row row=new Row("1");

String username=row.getString("username");

Tuplesoup is available through sourceforge and has been released under the BSD license.

Friday, August 24, 2007


I'm currently sitting in google's offices in New York for a small two day invitation-only conference called Google Test Automation Conference 07. This year, the primary theme seems to be automated testing of web interfaces using either WebDriver or Selenium.

The overall content of the conference so far has been very good, except for a few really boring sessions... however, since I'm primarily a developer and not directly within qa, I might just be too far away from the target audience for those sessions. This morning started off with a really interesting talk about using domain specific languages to write Selenium tests. It was very well delivered, and the content was definitely interesting, but at the same time I just couldn't help but notice how most of their samples in their dsl simply brought the interface of Selenium closer to the native interface for WebDriver. I haven't actually tried using either of the two systems yet, so this is purely prejudiced speculation from my side :-)

Although the rest of the day is filled with more talks about Selenium which all sound really interesting, I'm really starting to look forward to a lightning talk at the end of the day called "Selenium vs WebDriver steel cage knife fight". It will be featuring the authors of the two projects and I intend to be right up there by the edge of the cage ready to throw bacon at them as the fight begins!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lunch at GTAC 07

Ok... I take it all back, lunch at google today was so incredibly yummy that I completely forgive the missing coffee this morning. Seriously, even after reading blog post after blog post of people raving about the food at google, I was in no way prepared for the actual deliciousness of it :-)

Now I just gotta find a way to sneak back into the offices around lunchtime every day... or maybe I could permanently occupy a stall in the bathroom and just come out once a day for lunch...

Caffeine free GTAC 07

I just arrived at googles offices in new york for a conference on testing automation. The invitation said breakfast included so I slept in late and went directly from my bed to the L train towards manhattan. The breakfast is fine, except for one important element... no more coffee... seriously, nothing but decaf :-(

How can you start a conference at 8:30 in the morning and run out of coffee at 8:35 ???