Monday, August 27, 2007

TupleSoup Public Release

Tuplesoup is a small easy to use Java based framework for storing and retrieving simple hashes. If you are interested in the design and implementation choices I made, have a look at the following blog posts I made while working on the project.

Since the last post in this series, I have done some further refactoring as well as added a set of statistic counters that can be polled to look for performance issues in usage patterns. The project is far from done, but I feel that it has reached a maturity that might make it useful for other developers. We have currently been using Tuplesoup for projects in our production environment for more than 3 months now without any stability issues. That being said, use at your own risk!

Let me end this post with a little bit of source code to show you how to actually use Tuplesoup in your own code. This very short completely useless example creates a table, adds a row and retrieves the row again. Hopefully I will soon find the time to write a more detailed piece of code showing some real world usage.

import com.solidosystems.tuplesoup.core.*;

Table table=new Table("test","./");

Row row=new Row("1");

String username=row.getString("username");

Tuplesoup is available through sourceforge and has been released under the BSD license.

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